Peace of Mind

While it is not something you typically want to think about, pre-planned funeral arrangements are a good way to layout the funeral service that you wish to have and will take some of the burden off of the survivors during their time of grief. Most of us are unprepared to plan and carry out a funeral service for someone that we love. And in the midst of sorrow, details that may have been important to the deceased are forgotten or overlooked.

Pre-planning your funeral doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. We have resources to get you started thinking about the inevitable.

Some people may prefer to get started with their pre-need arrangements online. We have a way to do that! Just click on the button below to start your Pre-Need process online.
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Four Simple Steps to Pre-Planned Funerals

Choosing to pre-plan funeral arrangements gives you the opportunity to help your family and friends honor your memory with a ceremony that is a reflection of your unique personality and interests.

Think about the tone of the services: Do you want them to be somber? Traditional? Or maybe you want them to have a celebratory feel.

What will the experience be like for the guests in attendance?

Do you have special memories you would like to share? Favorite pictures, songs, scriptures or thoughts you want to be shared during the service?

Focusing on these questions will help you begin to make the funeral selections that are uniquely you.

Now that you have determined your wishes for your final arrangements, actually recording these wishes is the best way to share them to ensure they will be honored. You can use our Pre-Plan Guide to share your wishes with your loved ones either by printing it or by saving it electronically.

Remember to update your pre-planned guide updated just like you do with your will and financial documents.

Share your plan with loved ones so they’ll be able to carry out your wishes.

Your plan should be kept in a safe but accessible place. Storing your plan in a safe deposit box is not recommended. A safe deposit box only in your name may not be accessible to others until the legal matters of your estate have been settled, which may not be resolved until after your final arrangements are carried out.

Instead, tell your family about the pre-planning guide and where you have placed it or provide them with a copy of their own. You can also keep your plans on file with your selected funeral provider.

Now that you have planned your arrangements, you can choose to support this plan by pre-funding your arrangements. Relieving your family of final expenses may prevent additional stress for them during an already difficult time. Pre-funding your plans also provides protection against inflation by locking in today’s prices.

Hidden Valley Funeral Homes can help you review your Pre-Plan Guide and understand your funding options. We can also keep your plans on file.

The staff at Hidden Valley Funeral Homes will help you understand the laws and regulations protecting your pre-need funds. And when you fund your pre-planned arrangements with Hidden Valley Funeral Homes you can be assured your funds are safe and secure.