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A death has occurred. What should I do?

What to do first depends on the circumstances. When someone dies in a hospital or similar care facility, the staff will contact the funeral home you choose. At-home Hospice Care will also do this.

If the death occurred at home or another location, your first call should be to the authorities. If in doubt, call 911. They will determine the proper people to call, including the county coroner if necessary. They will usually contact the funeral home for you as well.

Whatever the circumstances of death, one of your first calls should be to a licensed funeral director.

What should I do if a death is imminent?

The best action to take is to either call or stop by the funeral home. We can help prepare you for the steps you will have to take.

What services do you offer to help me?

We offer a wide variety of services to help you in your time of need.

  • Transport of the body
  • Preparing and obtaining the death certificate
  • Casket, Urn, Outer Burial Container, and Grave Marker
  • Arranging the Funeral, Memorial, and/or Burial Service
  • Preparing and distributing the Obituary
  • Offer Grief Support and provide you with other trusted resources

Should I notify my loved one's employer?

If your loved one was working, you will need to call their employer immediately. Ask about the deceased's benefits and any pay due, including vacation or sick time, disability income, etc. Ask if you or other dependents are still eligible for benefit coverage through the company. Also ask whether there is a life insurance policy through the employer, who the beneficiary is, and how to file a claim.

How do I pre-plan my own funeral?

By planning ahead, you will have the peace of mind of knowing your wishes are on file at Hidden Valley Funeral Homes. The process is simple: Just give us a call at (816) 903-8888 to start.

Pre-planning your funeral arrangements can be as detailed as you wish - from just providing vital information for certificates to pre-funded funeral plans complete with casket/urn/outer burial container selection.

We also provide a free Personal History to help guide you with the vital information your loved ones may need to honor your final wishes

Why should I pre-fund my arrangements?

Pre-funding funeral arrangements, whether for yourself or for a loved one provides the following benefits:

  • Lock in today's funeral pricing
  • Reduces stress at time of need
  • Allows for a personalized, meaningful ceremony
  • Removes burden from survivors to have to pay for funeral services

By removing the stress of paying for a funeral and making the decisions of what you may have wanted, your loved ones can now focus on what is important: Sharing time together remembering their loved one.

What should I do about any Life Insurance Policies?

Look through the deceased's paperwork for the life insurance policy. Call the company to report the death and ask how to file a claim. Usually the beneficiary (or the beneficiary's guardian, if a minor) must complete the claim forms and related paperwork. Remember to ask about payment options: you may be able to assign a portion of the proceeds to the funeral home to pay for the final expenses.

We are willing to assist with filing any claims and contacting the insurance companies for you. Sometimes, the insurance company will ask to speak with the beneficiary to give us permission to assist with the claim.

How can I pay for the funeral?

We can take payment by Credit Card (including ApplePay), Cash, Check, Insurance Assignment, or through a loan provided by We ask that funding for our services is made within 30 days of the date of the contract.